Beth Martin

Beth Martin
Certified Orthotist, ABC
After spending 8 years in the U.S. Air Force as an Intelligence analyst and 7 years managing an IT department for a Fortune 500 company in Chicago, I opted to quit my office job and make a career change that focuses on helping people make a difference in their lives. Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of taking care of many patients; one of the hardest consequences about relocating to Virginia was leaving them. Though I was sad to leave Chicago, I’m very much excited about meeting new people and bringing the skills and experience I learned in Chicago here to Richmond.

  • Joined POWELL: 2015
  • Why I love working here: I want to work for a company that really cares about the patients and treat them like family. Powell is truly a dream come true for me with state of the art technology and great co-workers who work together as a team to ensure patients are well taken care of is an important facet for me.
  • Passionate about: I am very passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Rarely do patients want to wear braces but with the right attitude and determination my job can help people get back to living a normal life. I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State (my alma mater) Football fan. When I’m not at work I enjoy playing pool, BBQ’s and spending time with friends and family.

Michael Monteiro

Michael R. Monteiro
Certified Prosthetist, ABC, Owner
I’m more than just an owner who works well with patients. For me, the work I do specializing in upper extremity prosthetics, helps me provide people with hands and arms so they can regain their independence and mobility.

  • Joined Powell: 1991
  • Why I love working here: I wanted to help people not just by providing them with limbs or devices but by interacting with them and seeing them succeed. Tommy Powell, Jr. was instrumental in re-enforcing that philosophy and it’s why I chose POWELL.
  • Passionate about: Treating pediatrics and working with new technology.


Joe Sullivan

Joe L. Sullivan
Certified Prosthetist, ABC, Owner
My own experiences as an amputee lead me to POWELL. I became an amputee at six months old due to Cancer, where I met Tommy Powell, Jr. at Childrens Hospital’s clinic.  Tommy Powell was my first prosthetist and created many prosthetic devices for me as I grew.   I was given the opportunity to work for POWELL  in 1988 where I enjoyed the technical aspects of creating and building prosthetic devices.  I continued my education focusing on the clinical side becoming a Certified Prosthetist in 1998.  I leapt into focusing on pediatrics and families where I felt I could offer my lifetime  knowledge to other amputees in hopes to benefit  those  going through similar events  in their life.   I enjoy motivating others through my experiences, having competed in standing volleyball in two Paralympic games, many world competitions and more, taking the US team to their first gold in 1998 in the Canadian Championships. I am proudly an amputee with science, education and experience supporting me in all I do with my patients.

  • Joined POWELL: 1988
  • Why I love working here: I am a lifetime amputee. I wanted to work with other amputees going through what I experienced. I also like to work with my hands creating.
  • Passionate about: In Richmond I am the only amputee Certified Prosthetist offering mentoring to amputees using my life experiences coupled with over 20 years of experience in the prosthetics field.
  • Enjoy: working with disabled athletes helping them maximize their abilities, putting them on an equal playing field.


Scott Poindexter

Scott Poindexter
Orthotic & Prosthetic Technician
When I became an above the knee amputee in 1998 due to a car accident my life changed, and it fueled my dedication and compassion to work with other amputees. I started working with another prosthetics company, and then came to POWELL to further my career. While I built mine and some of the finest replacement and supportive products, I’m also part of the spirit we bring to patients. I’ve been there. I am there.

  • Joined POWELL: 2007
  • Why I love working here: I get to help people move on after what life has thrown at them thru mentoring.
  • Passionate about: I’m the main technician at POWELL. That means I get to meet nearly everyone.


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell
Certified Pedorthist, ABC
I entered the field of pedorthics working for my father in-law at his New Balance stores, and when they sent me for my training, I had found my calling. I have found my home at POWELL.  I’m able to utilize products ranging from Over The Counter (OTC) Orthotics, which I customize for my patient’s needs, (especially kids as they outgrow orthotics so fast), to Custom Shoes, Foot Orthotics, Ankle Braces, Super Malioma Orthoses (SMO), and certain Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO).  No problem is too complex. I’ve been helping people since last century (1999), and each year, it’s more rewarding.

  • Joined Powell: 2011
  • Why I love working here: I love knowing I make people feel better, allowing them to return to their desired activities. I specialize in finding creative solutions for all foot & ankle related problems.
  • Passionate about: Doing what I’ve been called to do: help people feel better through improving their foot health, and running in Tough Mudder events (a crazy hard obstacle course).


Beverly Sowers

Beverly Sowers BS
Front Office Manager
In the 35 years I have worked at Powell’s, the O&P field and Insurance Industry has been constantly changing. However, my dedication and loyalty to Powell’s, the patients, and my coworkers has not. Though my position over the years has changed, the constant responsibility has been Insurance, Billing and collections. Like the practitioners I work with who have to stay up to date on new products, etc. I have to keep current with the codes and Insurance requirements. In the past several years as our company has grown, I have been fortunate to work side by side with a peer who has 25 years experience in the O&P field, Insurance and Billing. With 50+ years experience and knowledge between the two of us, our goal is to make the Insurance and Billing experience for the patient as painless as possible. Along with the other Front Office Staff, our dedication is to make the entire process at Powell’s smooth and supportive. We have a great team.

  • Joined POWELL: 1983
  • Why I love it here: My coworkers!! Being part of a team that is dedicated to improving the lives of our patients through service, science and most of all, Spirit
  • Passionate about: Playing pool, going to the beach, helping others, Murphy’s, spending time with my friends, husband, cat - Abbey and parrot - Maxfli.


Cheryl Bradley

Cheryl Bradley
Insurance/Billing Assistant Manager
After 25 years in the O&P field, I was excited to bring my experience to Powell.  In the challenging world of health insurance/billing, I pride myself in being able to turn complex insurance information into a clear and easy to understand language for our patients.

  • Joined POWELL: 2016
  • Why I love it here: I love being part of a team that works hard to help our patients and each other.
  • Passionate about: Spending time with my family including our golden retriever.  I enjoy movies, shopping, reading and beach vacations.


Dana Clark

Dana Clark
Patient Care Coordinator
While my career has taken a winding road, it's core is about helping people. Having come from the non-profit, counseling, hair salon, and human resources industries, I have over 20 years of customer service and serving others experience. I have given back to each through service in continuing education, volunteering and serving on the Richmond SHRM board over the years.I have earned a MEd from VCU in Counselor Education and Certification in Professional Counseling.

  • Joined POWELL: 2017
  • Why I love it here: The people; friendly and hard-working co-workers, generous and kind owners, and amazing and inspiring patients!
  • Passionate about: Helping others, human development, counseling, and of course my husband, step-kids, and fur babies!

Lisa Wright

Lisa I. Wright
Patient Care Coordinator
I say if you wear a smile everyday others can see the sunshine that you carry, so I love meeting and greeting the patients that we serve as well as the staff I work with. Working in the orthotics and prosthetics industry is a passion of mine because I became an amputee when I was 7 years old. I am also the CEO of Shu Fli Amputee Connections and I get to help a lot of amputees with my company. I collect new and gently used shoes and give them to amputees all around the world. Shu Fli is blessed to help men, women, boys, and girls to find their sole-mate. My business motto is “Connecting feet around the world one sole at a time”.

  • Joined POWELL: 2017
  • Why I love it here: I find joy in helping others and making a difference in the world.  I also like being the Amputee Support Group Meeting Coordinator.   
  • Passionate about: I love traveling, singing, and spending time with my family and friends.  


Kristin Sheets

Kristin Sheets
Business Manager
I found my way into the healthcare/medical field through personal experience.  Over the past 9 years in the industry, I can honestly say that it’s been the most rewarding and satisfying career.  I’ve worked in the non-profit sector, helping to raise money for cures.  I’ve worked in the mobility sector helping people find independence in daily living and now have been blessed to work in the orthotic and prosthetic sector.

  • Joined POWELL: 2019
  • Why I love it here: My co-workers and the diversity of job function. 
  • Passionate about: my husband, our daughters and of course our Frenchie, Frank the Tank.  We love the beach, canoeing, hiking, and just spending time with our closest family and friends.


Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills
Orthotic & Prosthetic Technician
After my dad lost his leg and I saw the impact on his life, I found my purpose and calling in helping others through orthotics and prosthetics.  Spending the last fifteen years of my life living my purpose to enhance the mobility of my clients, I feel honored for what every client has taught me and the parts of their lives that have been shared with me.  I specialize in individualizing every item to meet the needs of my clients.  I go above and beyond to make sure every client gets the support they need.  Along with the entire Powell team, we want you to know how important it is that you feel supported and get high quality products.

  • Joined POWELL: 2018
  • Why I love it here: I make a difference every day and work with an incredible team.
  • Passionate about: I love what I do, making a meaningful difference for every person I encounter.  Outside of my work passion, I coach football, speed too fast on four wheelers, and love time with my family.


Anna Seibert

Anna Seibert
MSPO, Orthotics Resident
I am a recent graduate of the prosthetics and orthotics masters program at the University of Pittsburgh. Before I moved to Richmond to join the Powell team, I enjoyed a fantastic clinical externship experience working with our wounded warriors at Walter Reed NMMC, as well as completing a surgical shadowing internship at UPMC Shadyside Hospital where I had the immense privilege of witnessing osteopathic reconstruction and osseointegration surgeries with Dr. Richard McGough. I strive to contribute to the promotion of our field through practitioner-led research and my work has recently been presented at the 2019 PA-AAOP Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and DC Regional Chapter Meeting as well as at the national 2019 AAOP Annual Academy Meeting and Scientific Symposium.  My research -which involves social media content analysis- was the first study of its kind in the field of O&P.  I have enjoyed these opportunities to represent Powell in the larger O&P community, and I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on the lives of our patients here in RVA. 

  • Joined POWELL: 2018
  • Why I love it here: My husband was in the Air Force for years, and consequently we have lived all over the place, but Virginia is home for me and Powell brought us home.  I am excited to put my education and hard work to practical clinical use, and to continue to learn from the incredible practitioners who surround me at Powell.  My favorite part of working here though is definitely our pediatric patients!  At Powell, our orthotics department sees more pediatric patients than any other O&P practice in the area, and I love working with kids and having the opportunity to work with their parents and family members as part of their clinical care team.
  • Passionate about: My incredible daughter, my wonderful husband, and of course Virginia Tech athletics!  GO HOKIES!!
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