Spirit. Support. Science.

Yes, we want to inspire all of our patients to achieve their own personal goals. We have a progressive and honest approach to getting you where you want to be. Having amputees on staff allows us a unique perspective on our patient’s daily challenges and how to prevail. All of our efforts are made to benefit the wellbeing of our orthotic and prosthetic patients. Patient care was always the primary focus of Thomas Powell, Sr., and we want to carry his spirit into the future at POWELL.

Having been on the patient side, means we bring understanding through empathy. We provide free consultations and work diligently with therapists and physicians to complete a full circle of communication and comprehensive care. Our products are supportive, along with our staff. We have resources for patients, such as support groups and county and city resources to help patients get back to living the life they want. We also connect new patients with previous POWELL patients in our mentoring program, so they know what to expect. We also support the healthcare professionals by providing free educational in-services to keep them up on the latest and greatest in our industry. Education and patient support are hallmarks of our care.

Composites. Plastics. Components. Microprocessors. It all works together and with Omega/Tracer CAD and Digital Scoliosis technology we can construct and fit devices for each patient’s unique situation. We embrace technology and strive to get our patients optimum results to help them achieve a life of independence. We do this by, affiliating with industry associations and attend industry conferences to understand the top technology used in the country. With that understanding we don’t just apply what the industry is doing; but we go above and beyond by helping with prototype testing for our vendors to assure we understand new advanced technologies for the benefit of our clients. Additionally, we try manufactured components on our own practitioners and technicians testing for durability and function prior to fitting our patients.


Powell Orthotics and Prosthetics will provide quality orthotic and prosthetic services for all qualified patients while offering them emotional support as they seek a higher quality of life. All practitioners will be certified by American Board of Certification (ABC) or Board of Certification (BOC) and will uphold standards created by ABC, who has a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship, and excellence in service.

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