Joe L. Sullivan

Certified Prosthetist, ABC, Owner 
My own experiences as an amputee lead me to POWELL. I became an amputee at six months old due to Cancer, where I met Tommy Powell, Jr. at Childrens Hospital’s clinic.  Tommy Powell was my first prosthetist and created many prosthetic devices for me as I grew.   I was given the opportunity to work for POWELL  in 1988 where I enjoyed the technical aspects of creating and building prosthetic devices.  I continued my education focusing on the clinical side becoming a Certified Prosthetist in 1998.  I leapt into focusing on pediatrics and families where I felt I could offer my lifetime  knowledge to other amputees in hopes to benefit  those  going through similar events  in their life.   I enjoy motivating others through my experiences, having competed in standing volleyball in two Paralympic games, many world competitions and more, taking the US team to their first gold in 1998 in the Canadian Championships. I am proudly an amputee with science, education and experience supporting me in all I do with my patients.

  • Joined POWELL: 1988
  • Why I love working here: I am a lifetime amputee. I wanted to work with other amputees going through what I experienced. I also like to work with my hands creating.
  • Passionate about: In Richmond I am the only amputee Certified Prosthetist offering mentoring to amputees using my life experiences coupled with over 20 years of experience in the prosthetics field.
  • Enjoy: working with disabled athletes helping them maximize their abilities, putting them on an equal playing field.